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"At Frayji Design Group we have repeatedly demonstrated that we can overcome any obstacle."
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Civil Engineering | Land Development |  Land Surveying | Construction Management

AT Frayji Design Group we have repeatedly demonstrated that we can overcome any obstacle.  We specialize in Civil Engineering, Land Development, Survey, and Construction Management. From our inception, we have proven that our firm can accomplish what much larger firms can not.  

Unlike larger firms we are not burdened with duplicative and onerous systems and procedures. Our firm is dedicated to partnering with the development industry regulatory agencies, design professionals and the community.  Frayji Design Group incorporates,  the planning, civil engineering and construction aspects of residential, commercial and industrial land development to guarantee a smooth transition through each phase of the project.

WE do it with a multi-disciplined staff and with a highly productive team of professionals. Like the larger firms, our success has allowed us to invest in state-of-the-art equipment, materials, software and we regularly provide continuing educational and training opportunities.

WHEN your firm is seeking services related to land development, our size is advantageous to your project. FDG offers immediate attention, is able to expedite processes, will provide rapid production and can perform according to a prescribed schedule and budget.